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Welcome to my site.

I have always had a fascination for birds. My interest goes back to my Grandfather who kept parakeets and canaries in an outdoor aviary back in England. Watching the amazing variety of colours and their happy chatter as they flew back and forth is still vivid in my memory.

I started out as most do with a pet parakeet, followed by canaries, cockatiels, conures, moving up to bigger birds, a Goffin cockatoo, a Sulfur cockatoo, an African Grey. Along the way I realized my true love was with the smaller birds. A friend of mine introduced me to Parrotlets and I was hooked! They are truly fascinating little birds. They have all the personality of their larger cousins but in tiny bodies. Often called “pocket parrots”, it truly sums them up. Parrotlets make great pets, they are active, amusing, love to interact with their humans but are also quite happy to play quietly with a variety of toys in their cage. These birds are also very quiet compared to larger species and so make great apartment pets.

I have now¬†taken the next step into breeding them and enjoy immensely pulling the chicks at 10 days of age and hand raising them, watching them feather in and take on their personalities. I have now expanded my Aviary to include Linnies (Lineolated parakeets), another small but very active and playful bird. They are a little larger than Parrotlets and have a similar personality but a little more laid back. The Scarlet chested grasskeets caught my eye with their outstanding colours and quiet demeanor. I couldn’t resist adding a pair to my flock.

Pictured above is a Green Lineolated Parakeet and a Blue Parrotlet from my Spring 2011 Hatch.